Certicate and Scholarship Award News by CSR

BEST WORLD INTERTRADE CO.,LTD (BWI) adheres the business operation together with the responsibility for the society and the environment. To show our compensation to the community, the company has supported various projects and activities in educational side in every year because the youth is the future of our nation. We are willing to develop our new generation to be the “smart” and “kindhearted” generation to create the great future for our Thai Society.

News & Activities for Happiness

BEST WORLD INTERTRADE CO., LTD (BWI) cares about staff’s living lives in every one of them and in every level to make a great working habit and relationship for everyone. Creating a pleasant atmosphere in the office is one of the important aspects to develop because the company believes that “our people” are the most important resource of the organization. If our people become “happy workers”, the workflow in the organization will be high efficiency, and able to grow sustainably further.