Annual Trip & Seminar in 2018 on 26-28 January 2018

Thank you คุณวิทูร รัตนเมธานนท์, the managing director, for taking all staff to participate in the annual trip & seminar on 26-28 January 2018 (3 Days, 2 Nights) at AMORNPHANT VILLA Resort, Rayong, which had a lot of activities and events i.e. making merit at the temple, Team Building Activity by อาจารย์สิทธิพล สืบสีมา, Colorful Night Party 2018, Sweet Dream Night Party 2018, a great music performed by a live band, a role play from staff, excellent staff award, clothing award at night time, and also picking lucky staff to win the prize. Lastly, thank you อาจารย์สิทธิพล สืบสีมา’s Team to create the pleasant atmosphere for the event today.